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How it works...

Decide on what you want to do to raise money whether it is running the length of Aotearoa, climbing your local maunga, or swimming 668kms.

Then set up an online fundraising page to tell the world about it.

When people donate to your page, it automatically comes to the Mental Health Foundation. No hassle, no worries!

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"...the first step in my journey of giving what I can to support people suffering from depression. The more people that know about The Mental Health Foundation of NZ, the greater their impact..."

Alley, Neon Night Walk | Run 4 Good 2018

Holly Auckland Marathon 2018

“This cause is one dear to my heart. Everyone knows someone impacted someway or another by mental illness and I, personally, have seen far too many people close to me affected by it.” 

Holly, Auckland Marathon 2018

"I'm running to raise money and awareness for The Mental Health Foundation of NZ - it's part of my goal to draw attention to the mental health issues my peers and I face as musicians and as part of the stressful and unforgiving entertainment industry."

Daniel, Auckland Marathon 2018

"I am aware how many people are touched by mental health in New Zealand. We see this not only in the media, but in our community. I hope that fundraising can help in some way and that my taking part has helped raise awareness."

Fiona, Neon Night Walk | Run 4 Good 2018