Raise funds

at School

No one should ever feel ashamed of who they are or feel afraid to be themselves.

Hold a fundraiser for mental health and take part in activities to promote diversity, uphold mana, and encourage inclusiveness and kindness.

Get Ideas

Reconnect Challenge

Have a "disconnect to reconnect" challenge where kids are sponsored to not use technology for 24 hours.

Design Tea Towels

Make and sell tea towels with wellbeing messages written by students.

Make a Cookbook

Ask Students to bring a favourite recipe and create a cookboolk to sell.

Grow Seedlings

Grow some seedling in small containers to sell.

Have a Mufti-Day

Hold a mufti-day for a gold coin donation. Order MHF stickers to give to people who donate.

Charity Fun Run

Hold a sponsored fun run. Get in touch to discuss MHF running shirts for prizes.

Team Fundraisers

Does your school have a sports group that wants to raise money for mental health?  Have a row-a-thon, shoot-a-thon or running race and set up an online fundraising page to collect donations.

Set up your online fundraising page

Five Days of Wellbeing!

Run a week's worth of Five Ways to Wellbeing activites. Incorporate learning about mental wellbeing as well as physical health into your lessons. What activites help our mental health when we are feeling stresses, sad, angry or hurt?


Write compliments for your classmates and teachers and hold a compliment lucky dip..


Spend 10 minutes focussing on the moment and taking in the sights, smells and sounds.


Get curious – create a treasure hunt in nature, or start a tree identification book.


Visit a rest home and become reading buddies with the residents.


Try a yoga class, start the day with jumping jacks, or have a running race.


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