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3 March 2019

Run in the sun and fundraise for mental health at Round the Bays 2019. 

Join our team of charity runners!

All of us know someone whose lives have been affected by poor mental health, and we all have had times where we need to support people we love who are struggling. 

Set up an online fundraising page to raise money for the Mental Health Foundation, and you will be helping to create a brighter future for New Zealanders.  

How it works

  • Choose to run for the Mental Health Foundation by setting up an online fundraising page below. 
  • Purchase your event ticket from the Ports of Auckland Round the Bays website. 
  • Everyone who raises over $200 will recieve a Mental Health Foundation supporter's running shirt.

Any questions? Fill in below or call our friendly fundraising team on (09) 623 4810.

Set up your fundraising page!

Keen to join in, but got some questions?

Fill out the form below or call us on (09) 623 4810

Meet some of our fundraisers

"We all know someone who has (or is still) dealing with mental health challenges.  It can happen to anyone for any reason, or for no reason at all."

Joanne, running the New York Marathon 2018

"This cause is very close to our hearts. Most families are affected by mental illness at some point, and recently it was ours."

Dyson Family, ran the Auckland Marathon 2017.

"We have to break the stigma around mental health and talk about it. Let each-other know that it is okay to not be ok."

Nicole, running the Rotorua Marathon 2018.

"Mental health, and the effects it has on people, isn't something many people talk about and it's that silence that can really be deadly."

Logan, did Tough Mudder 2017.

The Mental Health Foundation is committed to seeing a 20% reduction in New Zealand’s suicide rate within the next 10 years.