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New York Marathon

  4 November, 2018  

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Imagine yourself running across the Central Park finish line in the greatest road marathon in the world. Now imagine doing that while running for a great cause, raising money and awareness for mental health!

Run the New York Marathon 2018

The Mental Health Foundation are looking for a team of 15 charity running heros.  Will you join us?

This New York Marathon is notoriously hard to get entries to, but we have managed to score 15 places for kiwis that are keen to do the event and rasie money and awareness for our work.

The package deal (including flights - and the other notoriously hard to get thing in NY - accomodation) is baing organised thorugh Inspired Adventures.

You will need to pay your costs, and there is a fundraising targets of $6,000 to meet - but we will offer you a massive amount of support and guidance to help you smash your targets.

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Meet some of the team

"When I speak about mental health at work, I get many people share with me their experience and most people will have been affected by it in some way."

Gerry, running New York Marathon 2018

"We all know someone who has (or is still) dealing with mental health challenges.  It can happen to anyone for any reason, or for no reason at all."

Joanne, running New York Marathon 2018

"What would you march in the streets for? I would march for increased mental health education, funding tools for suicide prevention, and helping people live a life which is filled with courage, love and is true to their values."

Maysie, running New York Marathon 2018

"I was excited at the thought of the challenge, of an inspiration to help me get my life back on track, and above all the chance to raise money for the Mental Health Foundation"

Claire, running New York Marathon 2018

The Mental Health Foundation of NZ aims to increase awareness about mental health and mental illness so that we feel comfortable asking our families, friends and loved ones what’s up when we think they’re struggling. The MHF is committed to seeing a 20% reduction in New Zealand’s suicide rate over the next 10 years.