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  • Kaikoura High School just donated $180
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  • Lynda Anderson just donated $126
  • ?Otonga School? ~ Te Kura o Tihi?tonga just donated $369.50
  • Lucy Naylor just donated $204.90
  • Anonymous just donated $110
  • Sharlene Cullen just donated $26.25
  • CGHS SHE Committee just donated $87.05
  • Matthew Thomson just donated $12.60
  • Sport Auckland just donated $111.51
  • Mokoia Intermediate School just donated $155
  • OCS just donated $73.20
  • Simon Marshall just donated $60.16
  • Kowhai Intermediate School just donated $607.10
  • Anonymous just donated $107.26
  • Robinson just donated $52.50
  • Rototuna High Schools just donated $1,221.30
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Thank you for donating to Pink Shirt Day

We really appreciate your support in helping to make Aotearoa a kinder, more inclusive place for everyone! The Mental Health Foundation works to reduce the impact of bullying behaviour and the harm it causes through campaigns, programmes, and resources that:   

Increase confidence and self-esteem for tamariki

Build rainbow-inclusive and supportive schools, workplaces and communities  
Encourage people to be Upstanders, helping them to understand, recognise and respond to bullying behaviour  
Promote positive and respectful relationships in workplaces, schools and communities 
Strengthen resilience and mental wellbeing for all New Zealanders  
Your support makes this all possible – thank you!

Support your whānau who are fundraising for us

Thanks to the generosity of kind supporters like you, we are able to:

reach more than 2,000 schools and kura nationwide each year, providing them with free information, resources and classroom activities that help prevent bullying. 

fund InsideOUT to run rainbow-inclusive schools workshops throughout Aotearoa. 

engage with more than 5,000 workplaces each year, helping them create fairer, more welcoming and respectful environments. 

collaborate with communities, including rainbow, Māori and Pasifika, to strengthen and promote messages of inclusion.

continue to deliver free resources that celebrate diversity, spread kindness and prevent bullying in Aotearoa.

Let's fundraise online!

No more turning the sofa upside down to find spare coins or rushing to the cashpoint machine, we’re going digital! This year, you can both fundraise and donate online. It's a quick, safe and simple way to make your donation. Plus, it's easy to share your fundraising page with colleagues, friends and whānau so they can support the Pink Shirt Day kaupapa too.

If you have any questions, we’re here to help. Get in touch by filling out the form.