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Fundraise at Work

Get everyone in your workplace involved in a fundraiser.
Help create a society free from discrimination, where all people enjoy positive mental health and wellbeing.

Get Ideas

Donate a park

Do you have a car park you can auction off for the week? Or if colleagues are on leave, sell their car park for a donation.

Cake off

Hold a cake baking competition! Invite staff to pay $5 to taste test and vote for the best cake. Invite neighbouring businesses to pay and vote too.

Quiz night

Charge an entry fee and have prizes. Go DIY by writing your own questions or order a quiz package online.

Fitness challenge

Whether it's a 5km fun run or a half marathon, get a work team together to train and use fundraising for mental health as motivation.

Morning tea

Host a morning tea or before work breakfast and ask people to bring a donation for mental health.

Casual day

Call a casual Friday and collect donations for mental health. Team it up with a raffle and morning tea to maximise fun and profits!


Give people something in return for their donation - hold a raffle. Raffle the bosse's car park or buy gift vouchers as prizes!

Toasted sandwich Friday

Make and sell toasted sanwiches on a Friday for lunch and donate proceeds.

Get people excited about your fundraising

Enter a workplace team in an upcoming event:

Get people to set up fundraising pages individually or as teams.  If you have a big team, get in touch about partnering and co-branding running shirts.

Auckland Marathon 2018

Auckland Marathon 2018

28 Oct 2018


Register as a Mental Health Foundation fundraiser at the Auckland Marathon and raise some serious funds and awareness for the cause!

By raising money for the Mental Health Foundation, you're helping thousands of people access free information on mental health topics.


Get in touch by filling in the form below, or call us on 09 623 4810