100 Days of MENtal Health NZ

By Ganesh Ratnasabapathy

I'm fundraising for mental health and wellbeing

We are a group of ten men, who would like to contribute to the fundraising effort for the Mental Health Foundation (NZ) (Check)


While most people are aware that individual mental health is a serious issue that everyone needs to look after, it is often a topic of discussion that skipped over or not addressed. Men are particularly guilty of this, often seeing themselves as a burden if they talk about the difficulties and challenges we all face in life.


In order to raise awareness and start discussions about men's mental health, we are taking on the challenge of '100 Days of MENtal Health':


The Task:

·         We will each be doing something that is overtly positive towards our mental health every day for 100 days.


We would love your support in donating, sharing and spreading the important message we are trying to share!

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