24hr hiking challenge

By Rob Horrocks

At 7pm on Friday the 5th October we will be starting our 24 hour hiking challenge. We have come up with a route thats estimated to take around 23 hours but if we are making better time than expected we will be adding on a few side hikes as the over all challenge is to cover as much ground as possible in 24 hours.

Heres the route we have chosen:
Start: Bobs Cove track,
Lake Dispute track (to Mount Crichton turn off),
Mount Crichton loop track,
Lake Dispute track (to Moke Lake),
Moke lake Loop,
*** Moke Lake midnight BBQ/carbs party (aprox 12/1am) everyone is welcome to join and cheer us on!***
Moonlight track to Ben Lomond summit,
Bowen peak,
tiki trail (down from Ben Lomond track),
***sausage sizzle/re-fule at the lake front - everyone is welcome to come cheer us on!****
Queenstown hill summit,
Finish at Industrial Fitness gym

In total this will be around 50km distance, 2.6km elevation gain, 2.4km elevation loss. The estimated time for the route is 23 hours (including regular breaks etc.) 

Feel free to come and join us for sections of the walk or for the Moke lake midnight bbq/lake front sizzler.

Thank you to our supporters


Fran Bailey

Awesome effort team - go Joe Wearne


Grandma Gregory

Well done Rob, we are proud of you. Love Grandma


Pauline Cutler



Jo Harrison

A fantastic thing to do!


Joan Cain Mckenna

Hi Rob I’m John Mckenna’s aunt. Well done to you, John & the team. You young people restore my faith in humanity. Thank you so much for all your hard work for such a worthy cause xxx


Richard Blucha

1$=1km 1$=1h Thanks Rob for what you are doing, keep it up


Mary Kate Kelly

Awesome job Rob!


Joe Wearne

$1 for every km I covered. Great effort everybody.


Peter Forde


Tess Stokes

You are the best!


Rory Cassidy Fennell



Great cause...congrats to Rob, Chris, Deni and all who are participating! Prayers for safety, endurance, comfort (??) and a fun time of relationship building.


Paul Haswell

Yeaaaaa brothaaaaa!!! 🤙🏽🤙🏽🤙🏽



Great work Rob.


Susan Wearne


Patrick Mckenna

Good luck fella’s! I’m sure you can carry John through it!


Nadi Wellness

Wonderful to join in community to sing in support of Mental Health


Anneli Anneli


Rochelle Davidson

Good luck team!


Irshaad Sayed

Smash it mate


Jodie Doyle

Good luck to all you guys!! Xx


Carly Blackbourn

Go Joe!


Sara, Bert, Marcie And Agnes

Good luck, Uncle Joe (and Rob!). Hope it goes well. Great cause. Miss you xx


Daisy Maher

Your smash it!


Matt Greenslade

Nice work!


Jane Cutler

Good Luck!


Rebecca Dowlen

You haven’t even done it yet and you’re already doing great!!


Anna Kourgialis

Good luck!


Paul Vasslaos


Sarah Mchardy


Wade Dew


David Lamercerie

Great cause and challenge !


Cecilia Y Martín

All the best everyone!! :)


Tina And Rob

Great cause. Great challenge. Good luck everyone. Will be thinking of you back here in England


Paul Ellor


Stefan Markx


Patricia Fitzpatrick

good luck to all. including my nephew JOHN McKenna.


Jock Hall Leanne Gillie

All the best. Good luck


Jake Van Der Drift


Gill Mcnamara

Best of luck


Denise Horrocks And Lorraine Howarth


Rosanna Mcnamara

Good luck everyone. Very good cause xxx


Dan Garcia


Siân Hazell

I have no doubt that you'll smash it. Wishing you every success x "There is no health without mental health"



Courage is found in unlikely places. We love you and are thinking of you. Bravo


Tanya Stone

“Don’t limit your challenges. Challenge your limits.” Go get it Team IF x


Jules Vassalos


Kat & Gary

“You’re off to great places! Today is your day! Your mountain is waiting so...get on your way!” Dr Seuss


Alana Toteda


Julie Farmer

Good luck all. I know you'll do it.


Linda Coultrip

Legend 👊


Simone Wiggan

Amazing cause and such s good idea to raise money, awareness and get people out in nature!