Doog Sspeeder for Mental Health

By Doog Sspeeder

I want to say thank-you!

Kia Ora Doog here :)

I started fundraising for the mhf late 2019, by riding my bike in events on a single speed, which was my thing :). I'm a mental health nurse.

In March 2020 i got punched in the back of the head by a patient which derailed me, suffering concussion and ptsd. Even as 2021 draws to an end, I still experience some impairments. Of course this was additional to both having happened already back in 2014. 

Sometimes the journey takes unexpected turns.

Being connected with good friends has kept me going.

I managed to do a number of training rides and events on my road to recovery, and especially enjoyed promoting mental health and talking about it at these events. Check out my blogs :)

Covid restrictions put a halt on a number of events in 2021, but WE STILL RAISED OVER $1000!!

If you are struggling with stress, emotions, suicidal thoughts, mental illness, STAY CONNECTED & DON'T GIVE UP!!

The money raised here, helps put resources in place for you to get help when you need it.

I'm finishing up my fundraising this year, so wanted to say a big THANK YOU :) to all my supporters, not just those who donated, but those who supported me when I couldn't do it alone.

I had two unfinished biking goals for this year one a round trip around the Kakanui Ranges, the other a 'There & back in a day' on the Otago Rail Trail which has been eluding me as it's at my limit. I completed the first :), but have now picked up an injury so that's it for this year. Again many thanks to supporters, and wishing you all safe journeys.......



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My updates

Around the Kakanui Range

Friday 5th Nov
Job done!
240ish km
3650m of climbing
14hr day
12hr 30min of biking

Managed my nutrition, hydration, emotions / anxiety, pace, cramps :)

Super proud of myself. In fact, I can't remember ever being this proud of myself.

Thank you to my friends for their encouragement and support. Staying connected means everything.

Kakanui Range Ride November 4th 2021

Monday 1st Nov
I've always wanted to go around this range, quite a challenge at over 200km and 3500m of climbing. I'd appreciate even a fiver for the cause:)

Sailors cutting to Oamaru-job done :)

Sunday 31st Oct
Great day out with friends. Support, connection, team, exercise, taking notice:)

Alps to Ocean: Omarama to Oamaru in a day. Saturday 30th October.

Wednesday 27th Oct
Riding this one with a small group of friends. Will wear the purple mhf shirt and talk to people as we go. Looking forward to it. Piccies to come.....wish me well. If you wanna give a fiver that'd be grand!

Rail trail return in a day........300km? not quite

Sunday 17th Oct
Gave the Otago Rail Trail a crack on Friday 15th October. There and back in a day? 300km. I can see why the terrain is so weathered up there. Started off freezing cold. Warmed up during the day and I got burnt to a crisp! Finished off freezing cold again. Slight head winds all day. Had to bail out at about the 215km mark, stay over night at the
then blat out the next morning. Gave it everything. Super happy with my effort. Like to give a big shout out to the

who sponsored me :) May your 2022 be filled with peace. Aroha.

3hundy...not quite...unfinished business:)

Saturday 25th Sep
16hr day.....about 14hrs in the saddle.
Undone by the wind
255km riden wirth 3151m elevation

Completely exhausted but well worth it for the cause :)

Personal Challenge Time : Solo 300+km in a day

Thursday 23rd Sep
Wish me well :) Warrington to Duntroon return......plenty on time on the road in the purple shirt....promotion....connection....exercise....learning....taking notice & giving;)

Training's going well :)

Thursday 12th Aug
Great day out in the saddle. Up to Oamaru and back for coffee. Exercise....Connection....Taking Notice.....Giving....Learning
220km today :) Thanks to my friends on the day for encouragement and support. 

Anchor Milk Race & Farmstrong

Monday 12th Jul
Great day out at the Anchor Milk Race in Western today. Fantastic course, super organised, and great weather. Another day in the purple shirt promoting mental health 🙂 Amazing how difficult people find it to talk about still 🙁
Bit of a sprint distance for me, but happy with my effort 2hrs 20min:)
Next event is a wee way off now.....Naseby12hr September

Anchor Milk Race

Friday 9th Jul
So the Hikuwai was postponed due to track conditions. Next event the Anchor Milk Race. This is a combined road race, participants from roadie clubs, and local farmers:) 66km total, x3 22km loops. Sponsored by Anchor Milk, and by Farmstrong-the nationwide initiative supporting Farmers throughout the country with healthy life balance, mental health support.

I'm riding promoting mental health, available as a resource person. Looking forward to it:)

Hikuwai 4hr race!!

Saturday 26th Jun
July 3rd, Wanaka, entered in the Masters Gravel Bike/drop bar category:) Another opportunity to ride, connect, and promote mental health. Bring it on :)

Solstice 8hr Endurance Race Sandy Point Invercargill

Sunday 20th Jun
Saturday 19th June, a clear cool day for a single track loop race, as many laps as possible in 8hrs.

My goals for the day were have fun, ride as far as I could, and connect with others.

Wearing the purple shirt "I'm sweating for mental health" continues to promote awareness and be a great opener for conversation.

I had a great day, rode 11 laps, meet some awesome people, and as a bonus got a 3rd placing in my category:)

Thanks to all my sponsors. I'll upload some pics soon.

Next event not too far away!!

Let's go again!!

Tuesday 15th Jun
Solstice 8 hr .....the need for mental health support doesn't go away...neither do I. Join me for the remainder of 2021 and throw a few coins at the Mental Health Foundation;) Time to ride!!

Tekapo 10hr

Sunday 29th Nov
Wow!, what a great event on a 7km loop single track at Lake Tekapo raising money for McKenzie College (Fairlie). Mostly school kids racing, and all so enthusiastic and encouraging toward each other!!

Great to represent for Mental Health. Even though I've finished my fundraising, there is plenty of opportunity to connect with others and promote conversation about something which I find for the most part is still a taboo topic.

And on a personal note, I finally felt like I was back into it without any of my 2020 trauma effecting me. Super happy about that!

Probably my last event this year, so defn signing off :) Remember your 5 ways to well-being because they work.
Kia Kaha

Whew!! Finished :)

Sunday 11th Oct
Naseby 12hr MTB Race completed!

After 6 months out with a head injury, I rode my first event yesterday Saturday 10th October at the Naseby 12 hr put on by Mountain bike Otago (nice job!)

The purpose was to promote Mental Health by wearing the purple shirt and talking to other riders. Just before the event, my fundraising goal of $1000 was reached so a huge thank you to all those who donated. You're all legends, well done.

Initially I thought I'd try and get 4 laps done, so was super happy to have completed 5 by lunchtime. Every further lap after lunch was slow with leg cramps, taking determination and a never give up attitude, something I've learned a lot about during my head injury recovery.

For inspiration, I thought about those I know who struggle with illness everyday, and I managed to eek out another 4, making 9 in total. I stopped before it got dark, not wanting to risk falling off ;)

Total time of 10 hrs and 8 min = 104.4km

For me, there were two highlights: Firstly my own personal milestone completing an event after recovering for 1/2 yr from the head injury, the other and more revealing, being passed by other riders all day, most who slowed and offered a word of appreciation for the promotion and the fundraising.

Everyone seems to knows someone who struggles.

Never give up.

Doog Sspeeder out (big hugs)

Naseby 12hr Solo Challenge October 10th

Tuesday 29th Sep
Its been a long break from fundraising and promotional event opportunities what with Covid restrictions and my own head injury limitations.'s wonderful to be back on the bike and building fitness again. Still have to be a little careful of cumulative fatigue, but otherwise we're firing on all cylinders!! and very excited to be wearing the purple shirt for the MHF at the Naseby 12hr solo category.

Goal of raising $1000 is almost completed. Thanks to all my sponsors ;) You're all amazing!!

Will post some pics post race
Ka Kite Ano

Moving forwards, staying positive by staying connected

Friday 17th Jul
First proper ride since being assaulted back in March.
Continue moving forward with PTSD and Concussion? Rehab.
Brilliant to be back on the bike.
Staying connected to positive supportive people is the key ;)
Goal is to ride a lap or two at the Naseby 12hr in October.

Sometimes you have to change your goals

Friday 27th Mar

So it turns out I did the Motatapu dirty double? (ride Sat/run Sun) with a concussion.?

That plus Covid have changed my goals.

Next scheduled event appears to be Naseby 12hr in October. No Papakaoi 8hr , No Whiterocks, No Hawea Epic, No Ashburton 6hr, No Tekapo Grind.?

Still supporting Mental Health and gladly accept any further donations.

My lot currently is concussion rehab.

I have awesome friends supporting me, but some people don't. Help me support them by donating to the MHF, and remember your 5 ways to exploring your wellbeing:




Taking Notice

Be Active goal was to mow my front lawn, and have a beach walk.

See pic


Never give up



Motatapu Miners Trail done n dusted!

Sunday 15th Mar

15km hill run completed. Great response to the purple shirt today;)

Dedicated to those living with Post Traumatic Stress.

Kia kaha



Motatapu mtb done!

Saturday 14th Mar

As I said earlier in the week. This event is dedicated to those living with post traumatic stress.

I went through some off that after being assualted 2014.

I went through it again after being assualted last week.

Today's ride was tough and filled with waves of emotion. I literally had 15min sitting down at one point quite overcome.

I let the process take its course. No doubt it will continue to do so.

I finished the event, proud to wear my mental health foundation colours.

PTSD is rough. Respect to those living with it. Kia kaha. Never give up.


#fundraising for mental health



Almost there...

Wednesday 11th Mar

Motatapu in three days! I'm super buzzed about it. The archillies is not too bad although I'll be limited to a walk/run I think, but will still be visible in the purple shirt! !!

The ride should be sweet and I'm very excited to represent the MHF with so many competitors there, over 1700 bikers :)

I'd like to particularly raise awareness of the need to support those living with the results of trauma.?

Never give in. Find strength in others.?

Kia kaha

Nga mihi nui


Waimate Whitehorse Big Easy completed

Saturday 29th Feb

Placed 27th open men's.

Placed 9th in vet mens

More importantly, did the purple shirt proud, raised $150 specifically for the Waimate Centrecare Counselling Centre, and made myself available for people to talk to.

Job done;)

Moonshine 50km Race

Saturday 22nd Feb

0530 wake up. Drive to Gore. 1030 race start. Southerly. Windy and raining at times. Hill climb after hill climb. Chain mechanical. Upset tummy. One gear bike. Hard work!! BUT MY CHOICE:)

Those living with mental illness have hard days ongoing. It just is. They didn't choose it. Mental Illness does not discriminate. Anyone can experience it.

Help me fundraise to contribute something toward improving resources to support those of us living with mental illness day after day.

Event two complete.?

Event three Feb 29th..

Can you spare a fiver?


Small set backs

Friday 14th Feb

Sometimes we experience unexpected setbacks. Readjust the plan, be flexible, and make the most of the new playing field on offer.

So I tweaked my archillies. Outcome is no running for two weeks, ecentric strengthening exercises (70 reps a day), some strapping, then progress from walk to run in flat grass to run hills. The good news is my training was going well before this and the rehab is doable before the waimate big easy duathalon I'm training for. Even better is I'm still able to bike...and may even put some swim time in. So not all bad. Just gotta roll with the punches and make the most of it.

Next event 50km off road mtb race 22nd Feb,? then the Waimate Big Easy Dualthalon 29th Feb, followed by the iconic Motatapu dirty double 14th March.

You sponsors are so awesome I've pushed the target out from 1k to 2k! Now there's a challenge for us.

Staying focused and true to the cause.

Nga mihi nui



13km hill run

Sunday 9th Feb

Hmmm....where has summer gone ? More training in the rain. Good test for the jacket. Unfortunately today I tweaked an archillies which might slow things down a bit over the next two weeks. Gently does it. See how we go.

Not far from the fundraising target now. Thanks to all sponsors. You rock!?

Nga mihi nui



North Otago gravel loop 102km

Thursday 6th Feb

Training day. Rained all day. Didn't get sunburnt;)!?

18km nudge ;)

Thursday 30th Jan

Waimate big easy fundraising event will be my event no. 3. It's at the end of Feb. I entered in the solo elite duathalon category which is run 18km and bike somerhing or other. The bike side of things doesn't bother me, but to enter in that category I had to run 18km in under 2hrs. The first 10km is all up hill!!

Tonight I did a simulation run and gave it a nudge finishing in a time of 1hr 50min. So I'm in. Stoked. It was a big ask and very tough,? but again not as rough as living with mental Illness day in day out.

Qualifying means I get a give a little page and raise money for the waimate counselling centre. Stoked.?

DoogSspeeder supporting mental health :)

Stoneburn event completed!!

Sunday 26th Jan

Great day out. Completed my first event of the year. Thanks to my sponsors. Check out the photos posted. Keep tuned in for event two....not far away now!;)

Chug chug chug.....22km

Saturday 25th Jan

Bush run. Keeping the legs ticking over. Nice views today;)

Motatapu training

Monday 20th Jan

Chug chug chug. ...Nothing easy about running.Just on 18km of hills this evening. Keep persevering. Motatapu run coming up mid March. White horse big easy run end Feb. Chug chug chug;)

Gravel Adventure

Saturday 18th Jan

Hot n hilly


One small moment of anxiety with cramps which I got on top of with grounding, more electrolytes, and a shade rest. Great tool to have in the box!

Sweating for mental health

Maintaining my own health

Staying committed to my sponsors and the mhf?


Sponsors are awesome!

Friday 17th Jan

Big shout out to my two newest sponsors Johnny Van Leeuwen and Neil McKinnon. Every $ enables the Mental Health Foundation to better help those living with illness be supported to improve quality of life! Let's do that!!

Your Life Matters

Connect Exercise Taking Notice

Saturday 11th Jan

Up to Naseby for some 45km worth of single track today with a mate. Sometimes a change of scene makes all the difference; )

The Five Ways to Wellbeing (Connect, Be Active, Take Notice, Keep Learning, Give

Saturday 11th Jan

So I've been using the Five ways to well-being and they are pretty spot on.

Connection with others is super important but can be hard to do when I feel like shit because it requires me to be vulnerable and ask for help.

Being connected and supported by friends is better than being isolated and stuck in my own head.

Big thanks to My mates for supporting me yesterday and inviting me for morning talk, afternoon ride, and evening talk.

No mojo

Thursday 9th Jan

Last time I did the Oamaru end of the alps to ocean I had a mechanical which cut it short. Today my body just wasn't in it and simply put it was just hard work. Sometimes life is like that. If it was all easy I'd never grow.

Windy training ride

Saturday 4th Jan

To Palmy for hot chips then return. Tail wind there and a new pb of 125min. Hard yakker coming back into a stiff 40-60km/hr head wind. Got a tough patch in the legs at the 75km mark and the 130km mark. Good mental test and miles of meditation. I find exercise an immense help with my head space and mood. 150km today, and very happy with that:)

Alps 2 Ocean

Thursday 2nd Jan

65km training ride. Keeping the momentum going ;)

21km training run today

Monday 30th Dec

Well that was very hard. Started with a 8.5km uphill. Next year I'm running the miners trail at the Motatapu which is 15km and starts the same way. There's plenty of time to think when your training. Today was lots of pain and sore muscles. Only just finished the run and had to walk at times. Nothing compared to the struggles and challenges mental illness throws at people!?

Jan to April 2020

Monday 23rd Dec

Feb 22nd Moonshine Mtb Trail 50km Gore

Feb 29th White Horse Big Easy Dualthalon Run 12/Ride 20 Waimate

March 14th Motatapu Mtb 50km Wanaka to Arrowtown

March 15th Motatapu Miners Trail Run 15km

March 21st Papakaio Mtb 8hr solo

March 29th White Rocks Gravel Adventure Mtb Ride 72km Enfield North Otago

April 4th Naseby 12hr solo Mtb

April 18th Contact Lake Hawea Epic Mtb 95km

That's the plan for the first four months, but it's a year long commitment so will be full of challenges and more after that!

I'd love your support:) so I can support others.?






First Event 2020

Sunday 22nd Dec

Stoneburn Mtb Ride. 30km loop fundraiser for Palmerston Primary School

Jan 26th 0930 Ainges Rd

And I'm sweating for Mental Health


Thank you to my Sponsors


Chris Stringer

It's people like you Doog that help inspire the rest of us to achieve greater things in life, and it would be fantastic to see you out on the bike some day, keep up the great work! :-)


Hyde Coffee Cart & Store


Hutcheson Family

You are amazing!!




Shelley & Paul



Hope you have an awesome ride!! Great cause.


Richard Ory

You are legend :)


Adele & Mark Voice

Good luck for the event! Hopefully catch up in Nov!


Shelley & Paul Hersey

Good luck for Naseby Doog, great to see you back out there!


Terri Woods

Good luck this weekend for the Naseby 12hr. Thanks for promoting Mental Health Awareness and fundraising


Bev Clark


Mitch Stringer

Awesome work Doog! Keep it up mate, it’s a great cause! Catch up at Naseby 12 HR! Like you said “Keep those wheels turning!”


Anna Cheriyakku

Great job Mr. McKinnon .. happy to see this !


Kate And Peter Mckenzie-bridle

Love your work, Dougal!


Haley & Johnny

Congratulations Doog! You’re an outstanding human being and love your work for this valuable cause.



On ya


Neil Mckinnon


Johnny Van Leeuwen

Keep being awesome buddy!!!!


Doog Sspeeder


Paul And Shelley Hersey

Good on ya mate


Richard Ory

Thanks for doing this for all of us.