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Kia ora awesome people,

you must be wondering what this is all about?

Firstly, I go by the name Meeps and I stream on Twitch -

In the gaming community most people are affected directly/indirectly by mental health. I started streaming to build my confidence and meet like-minded individuals who have a passion for gaming. Gaming has been my escape but over the years I've met life-long friends and learnt about many struggles we've all faced. I want to help those suffering with mental health issues. Even if I can only make a difference to one person, I'll be over the moon!

I want to help support the work of the Mental Health Foundation. The goal is to stream weekly with donations going firectly to this foundation. I feel like their goals line up with mine so 100% want to support them.?
This will be a challenge for me - but every day can be a challenge for people who may not have the resources they need to maintain a positive well-being and function well in their everyday lives.

Now the important stuff, the why:
Nearly 50% of New Zealanders will experience a mental health problem in their lifetime, and I don?t want them to face it on their own. Your donation will help the Mental Health Foundation of Aotearoa provide people, workplaces, schools and communities with the tools they need to build positive mental health and well-being.

I want to raise at least?$1,000?so please donate today!

Every little bit counts!

Thank you in advance,




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Tuesday 30th November

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