In memory of Lizzie Udy

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Thursday 7th Dec
In memory of Lizzie Udy, our beautiful Mum, daughter, friend and colleague. In lieu of flowers please feel free to donate to the Mental Health Foundation NZ

Thank you to my Sponsors


Kate Mckay

Thank you for your support and guidance through some challenges I struggled with in my first pregnancy Lizzie. x


Melanie Hills

With love x


Avon Lookmire

With love xxx


Louise Power


Cherry-anne Lee

Strength and love to Lizzie’s family, and to all families struggling with the challenges of mental illness.


Laura White

Thank you for helping my son when he was sick, Lizzie


Kim O'donnell


Petra Samland

With love


Abbie Fergus


Liberty Meltzer


Laura Sissons

Sending Love to Lizzie’s family.


Alesha Hind

Lizzie you were a beautiful soul xx I’m so sad you felt this way. I hadn’t seen you since we studied together, our hilarious Marae sleepovers and dinners. I’m now living in Melbourne and was so sad to read this. May your beautiful daughters and family be ok. We will all remember you forever xx


Heather Gennills

Remembering ‘lovely Lizzie’ xx


Jo Falkner

May you rest in peace Lizzy. You touched so many people in life and in death, and may something good come from your darkness. You are missed, but will always be loved.


Nicola Kenyon

Sending my love and thoughts to the girls?



So sad to hear Lizzie has gone, what a wonderful woman. I haven’t seen her since we studied together, but she was so well liked and respected and I know she had an amazing reputation in the community. All my love to Lizzie’s family, friends and those who are hurting.


Amanda Rouse


Kerri Smith

So much love to Lizzie and whanau.


Jayne Waite



Kylie Gilbert


Clare Bardsley


Julie Watson

To beautiful Lizzie. A lovely person and midwife. Know that you were loved by many and were like a ray of sunshine. xx


Jo Hansen


Inez Mccaughan