Ben Marino

New York Marathon 2018

That's a wrap from me!

I would like to thank everyone for their very kind support of me in fundraising to reach my goal of $6,000 to go to the New York Marathon. Whether you donated, shared or wished me well.

Last week was Mental Health Awareness Week, a week which started with my work preparing and hosting a high tea on my behalf to support me to get to New York and fundraise for a cause I really believe in.

The week ended(well on Saturday at least) with me running 100 Kilometers in the Taupo Ultra Marathon, with the support of my good friend and trainer Vann.

For me so much of what Mental Health is, is having a support network. But most importantly empowering them to help you by saying when things are bad and sharing with them when things are good too. Having good routines and a few other simple things help too.

Two years ago I shared some of my dark stuff on my facebook blog bebraveben with a video my biggest secret and some of my other struggles. A year ago I gave a talk at my work in front of everyone about Mental Health and what works for me.

I wouldn't encourage you to do that, but I would say empower those who support you so they can when you need it, I still find it difficult to put my hand up.

But a lot of my results like this past week show that you can achieve a lot with the help of the people who support you. It's important to have a team and rally the troops when you need them.

Thank you to my Sponsors



We will be thinking of you next week. Enjoy your time in New York and we look forward to hearing all about it when you get back.


Nielsen/the Whole You

Ben - we are so grateful for your courage to speak up about what is often a sensitive subject, your thoughtfullness in helping others and willingness to share your story. The Whole You supports your efforts to bring mental illness out of the shadows and into the forefront of wellbeing.


Nielsen Team

All the best Ben


Vicky Salvador

Good luck & all the best Ben!


Hannah Chiam

Go hard out Ben !!


Lyndel Shamrock

All the best Ben.






Corinne Heveldt

Good luck!


Sandra Heveldt

Good on you Ben


Carmen Castano

That's amazing Ben! All the best for the run :)



Good luck Ben!


Emily D

Awesome work Ben. X


Rachel Brown

Well done Ben, have the time of your life in NY what an amazing experience.


Stephanie Stevenson


Leanne Duckett


Patrick Coyle

Truly inspirational Ben, go well


Anakere Marino

Wēpua! Proud of you my brother ❤💪🏼


Mark Guy

Have an awesome run Ben!!!


Ursula Rhule

All the very best Ben from Justice & I


Jackie Green

Awesome work Ben X


Christine Marino

Go well my Son


Simon Clendon

Great work! See you at the start line! 🎼New York, New York! 🎼


Katrina Gurnick

Best of luck Ben!!! What you do is amazing!!


Nikki Horne

Am going to love following you on this journey. It'll be a highlight of your life!


Ben Marino