Off with the dreads

By Bob Garner

Most people these days know me as Bob, the chill guy with the dreads. What a lot of people don't know is mental health has been something that has impacted my life and journey in so many ways. Not just my own but the mental health of those around me. 

I am so blessed that this foundation has had funding to help me an many other people I hold dear, however this is not the case for everyone. More and more often we are sadly, too late to help. This is the heart breaking reality. 

So I'm shaving off the dreads in a bid to raise awareness about mental health, to get people talking about it, checking on there friends or reaching out when someone seems a bit off or simply letting people know its okay to not be okay!  And in turn raising some cash for such an incredible organization that 100% is doing great things!!

 I'm doing this because nearly 50% of New Zealanders just like you and I, will experience a mental health problem in their lifetime, and I don’t want them to face it on their own. Your donation will help the Mental Health Foundation of NZ provide individuals, workplaces, schools and communities with the tools they need to build positive mental health and wellbeing. I want to raise $5000, so please donate to me today! Every little bit counts!

Thank you to our supporters




Morgan Haigh


Raewyn Carter

Good on you Son I'm very proud of you


Andrew Garner

Great initiative Bob !




Tina Watts

Your awesome Bobby xx


Cagan Burrows

A cause to get behind! Thanks for doing this 😁


Angelique Snellgrove

Good on you Bob.


Nick O'connor

Good work mate.


Te Huia Paniora-hepi

Thank you for what you're doing. I can appreciate how hard it is to get locks like that. You're a champ


Craig Ryburn



Jacob Wratt

Nice work, hope you meet your goal. Enjoy being dread free after what is likely to be many years!


Angela Oliver - Pulse Training For Life

Good on you Bob. It's a fine thing you are doing xo


Liz Robinson


Alyson G.


Christine And Daen Taylor

How awesome!! 😃


Maria Martin

Awesome kaupapa Bob.