The Happy Hundred

By Claudia Adamson

Welcome to The Happy Hundred!

Here's my mission - 100km in 5 days in support of the Mental Health Foundation. 

Day 1 - Bike 20km

Day 2 - Kayak 19km (width of Lake Taupo)

Day 3 - Half Marathon - 21km 

Day 4 - Tongarario Crossing Walk - 20km

Day 5 - Bike 20km

This is a massive challenge - but nothing compared to the challenges faced by people who may not have the resources they need to maintain their well-being and function well in their everyday lives.

Now the important stuff, the why:
New Zealand has an alarmingly high suicide rate, and nearly 50% of Kiwis experience a mental health problem in their lifetime, and no one should have to face it on their own. Your donation will help the Mental Health Foundation of New Zealand provide people, workplaces, schools and communities with the tools they need to build positive mental health and well-being.

Every little bit counts!

Thank you in advance xx 

Claudia Adamson 


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Karepa M

Stay hydrated, she's a big job.


Vivien Whyte


Rosie W


Charlie Webster



Morley-hall Whanau

Go girl!



Go Claude!! This is soooo awesome



This is so cool!! Good luck


Megan Truebridge




Sandi Polaczuk

You are an inspiration Claudia!


James Truebridge

Well done Claudia go hard


Harry Crawford


Caitlin Mcgeorge

You make me happy, 100%. Keep being stunning dude x




Rhonda Yorke

Keep it up Claudia!!


Zara Van Der Wilt

love you Claud xx


Isabella Patrick


Charlotte & Don Humphrey

All the best for this challenge, Claudia. The stats must come down. Well done for raising awareness and demonstrating your love and empathy for others.




Paul Suzie Adamson

Super proud of you darling xxx


Patric Truebridge


Tamsin Cooper

This is pretty cool, smash it !!


Mia Uluilelata

hey this is pretty cool!! lots of love xoxox


Graeme Murrell

Good on you this is awesome. Good luck on your five days keep us updated