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Motorally Aotearoa 2021

Motorally Aotearoa 2021

Kia ora and a massive thank you for checking in!


OK – so what is Motorally Aotearoa 2021 – and more importantly
– why is i?!


Firstly the what. April 15th next year will see a
bunch of like-minded guys setting off from Auckland for the top of the top and
starting our journey the length of New Zealand wearing our hearts on our
sleeves and the great work of the MHF on our backs.


Over ten days we’ll ride from Cape Reinga to Bluff, mostly
on Vespa scooters but with a few other bike types thrown in for good measure in
support the work of the Mental Health Foundation.


Make no mistake – at our ages this will hurt! Vespas are designed for a trip
around town not long open road riding but we love our bikes and we love this
cause more.  Everyday thousands of Kiwis
are challenged to get through, often without the resources they need to
maintain positive well-being and function well in their everyday lives. So it’s
a great fit that we’ll be challenged too.


We’re doing this to raise awareness that everyone – and we
mean everyone – has their own state of mental health. And that nothing is ‘good’
or ‘bad’ but that every so often some of us need a helping hand to get through.


Your donation will help the Mental Health Foundation of New
Zealand provide people, workplaces, schools and communities with the tools they
need to build positive mental health and well-being.


We’re ambitious, optimistic…probably mad…but we want to
raise a minimum of $50,000 and every little bit counts so thanks for whatever
you can do to support us on the way.


We sincerely appreciate your support – and if you’re
interested in joining the ride for a day leave us a message and we’ll get in


Team Motorally Aotearoa 2021



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