Hayley takes on the Coastal Classic 21km

By Hayley Greaves

Thanks for making it to my page!
I am going to be taking part in the Coastal Classic Trail Run at Taieri Mouth in Dunedin, I've opted for the 21km... cos its go big or go home right?! Training begins today and I've got a LOT of training to do ha...
For anyone who already knows me, you'll know that Mental Health is something I feel very passionately towards and have battled with for a lot of my life. 
But in all honesty, who doesn't? Its something that will meet the majority of us at some point in our lives and that is nothing to be ashamed or embarrassed about! 
The more we talk about it the easier it is going to be to deal with this shitty disease and get the help out there for people who need it. Speak up peeps! 
And since you've been awesome and read through this far, how about donating a few dollars of support? :)

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Well done you for entering xx


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Wahoo nice one Hayley ! Xx good cause