2019 Hawkes Bay Half Marathon - Jacob Barber

By Jacob Barber

I've created this page in hopes of contributing to the work of the Mental Health Foundation NZ to make a difference. To do this, I want to raise money towards their work as part of my participation in the 2019 Hawkes Bay Half Marathon. Everyone deserves direct access to mental health services. By encouraging awareness and conversation around mental health in NZ, we can ensure that people are accessing the help they need readily and easily and help to break the stigma that makes it hard for people to seek help. Please help me contribute towards this cause by making a donation. All donations are hugely appreciated!

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Thank you to my Supporters


Jamie & Gail Hall


Rod And Michelle Quin

Good on you Jacob! Hope it’s a great run for you. Good luck!


Phil Pollett

If you hop it I will double my donation .... Cartwheels triple .... :-)


Jenni Le Huquet

Great cause - well done



Good on you Jacob, what a great cause


Connor Mackay

Good work brother x


Simon Dunn

Great cause Jacob. Good luck on the day.


Katie Mcgivern


Taylor Ray

don’t half send the half marathon b xo


Campbell Hantler


Sophie Gilbert Keene

very proud of you xx


Fiona Barber

Well done son. I expect you to break my times back in the day. 😁


Sarah Zonneveld

Great cause, good on you Jacob!


Kathryn Krebs

Great cause Jacob. Well dove! Good luck with your target and in trai big and the run itself!


Cam Walked

You’re a legend mate!! Proud 😎😎


Victoria Krebs

Rate the Jacob - such a good cause good on you !!



Fuck yes Jacob such a good cause, thank you, sorry it's not much but I'm broke af, proud of you, surely see you soon x


David Rawnsley