Kristine Asuncion

Queenstown Marathon 2019

Team Asuncion

As a wife of a dairy farmer. I have seen first hand how mental health issues could deeply affect a person, their spouses, their children and their families.

Which is why I’m doing the Queenstown Marathon for the Mental Health Foundation.

Each year 1 in 5 Kiwis experience a mental health problem. The Mental Health Foundation ensures no one has to face this on their own.

They work to raise awareness about mental health, and ways we can look after our mental wellbeing. They take calls and answer emails from people who are looking to access their local mental health services. They provide free wellbeing resources and information about what to do if you, or someone you care about is not coping or needs help. 

For people living with or supporting someone with mental illness they advocate for better access to services, equal opportunities in employment and work closely with the media to ensure portrayals of people experiencing mental illness are balanced and helpful.

I am doing this for my husband and all other dairy farming Dads out there. Please know that we honor you for the work that you do and we are always here to look after you and be with you every step of the way.

I am aiming to raise as much as I can – please show your support and donate to my page!