Raising awareness for OCD

By Lachie Aitken

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If you’d like to read further about OCD or more on ‘intrusive thoughts’/’Pure O’ OCD – here’s some great links!





Raising awareness for OCD

Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD) makes a sufferer believe that their worst nightmare is coming true. The common misconception is that OCD is performing cleaning/organisational routines for satisfaction. For example, Marie Kondo’s tidying show is considered synonymous with OCD. However, OCD sufferers including myself derive no pleasure or satisfaction from the condition at all.

I have a subset called Pure O which centres around doubting my actions and very character and consequently, feeling heavy guilt for things that I would consider the antithesis of myself. My OCD attacks my worst fears – my reputation being tarnished, being abandoned, being a disappointment.

By the end of May last year, I was convinced that I was a harmful person to my friends and family. Embodying the irrationality of OCD, I would rather have isolated myself than lived indefinitely with the doubt and guilt created by these intrusive thoughts.

To alleviate this stress, I would perform compulsions to attain certainty that I’m a good person. I would seek to separate myself from all technology, I would undertake mental checking (replotting every detail during the history of the day) and state mantras, all to assure myself that I had done nothing wrong.

I have since moved home and am learning every day how to stay one step ahead of this chronic disease so that I don’t relapse.

I have since started seeing an amazing OCD specialist who is just the bee’s knees.

So – after 8 months since falling to my lowest, I feel like my progress has been good but now has somewhat plateaued as I am now able to function (study, socialise and work part time). I am managing it but am still struggling.

I have decided that perhaps to finally get rid of my last compulsions (avoidance, reassurance), I need to prove to myself that I can do something as scary and extreme as jumping into life with full uncertainty. So in June, I will attempt to run a friccin marathon. I will defeat this condition with da feet.

I would like to fundraise to raise awareness for OCD in the Public Mental Health System. If you’d like to help me out, you could donate to this link and it’d be greatly appreciated. Thanks all.

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I believe you now and I also believe in you #wholesome


Anne-marie Nimmo

Best wishes for the run Lachie x



So brave Lachie , good luck from khandallah and Canberra aitkens


Jess Mason

With you every step of the way bro



All the best Lachie :)


Harvey Weeninks

This is fantastic Lachie. Go you!


Justine & Steve

All the very best for your marathon and your journey.


Michelle Inglis


Nicki Aerakis

Hey Lachie- i’m friends with Sam ! Great work on raising awareness- my nephew has OCD so we have some awareness but life would be easier for him if more had awareness!


Tessa And Sophie Aitken

Go lachie!


Samantha Taylor

So proud of you. All our support!


Andrew Debra Clark

Well done Lachie. Cheering for you.



Hey Lachie -so proud of you and your inner strength . Hope the road ahead is kind to you xx


Barbara Moore

Hi Lachie we're proud of you for taking on such a challenge & support you every step of the way. Barb & Colin


Watson Family

Awesome effort Lachie!


Debbie Shepherd

A great goal to set Lachie for your own achievement and in support of all those with challenges around OCD. Go Lachie.


Michelle Paul Nikita Ben Harry Ash

Awesome Lachie, fabo post With respect and love The ash family


Mary Buchanan


Emily Wood


Liv Payne

Go Lachie!!




Baxter Chisnall

Go lachie #eeessskiiitt


Emma Taggart


Judd Family

Great job Lachie. You’re already a winner. Xx


Abigail Faletoese

Very honoured to know you, Lachie. Beautiful words.


Caitlin Hickman

It’s not easy to share openly our relationship to our own mental health, especially when we experience conditions which so deeply effect the way we experience the world, and which are heavily stigmatised. I’m very impressed and proud of you. Most of all I’m happy that you are feeling supported by your family and wonderful-sounding therapist :) good luck with the marathon! As we know there’s no “finish line” to mental health, but this sounds like such an awesome step in your journey!! :)


Mum & Dad

Go you good thing ...



<3 <3 <3



Smash it, mate! Good stuff!


Tessa Lewis

So inspiring Lachie, good luck with the marathon and tackling the ocd 💕