1 Million Feet for Mental Health

By Malcolm Law

The Chief Nutter is back!

I thought I was done with pushing my limits for a cause, but it seems not. I reckon I have just one more in me, but this time it's a little different...

1 Million Feet for Mental Health is to be a year-long project, kicking off on Jan 1st 2019. My goal is to climb 1,000,000 vertical feet (304,800 metres) by the end of the year. I'll do this by running and walking in the mountains of New Zealand and wherever else my thirst for adventure takes me during 2019. It's a project that will take me to my 'happy place' again and again, each time reinforcing how good being active in the great outdoors is for my own mental wellbeing and hopefully encouraging others to get out there and feel the benefits too. 

But it won't be all beer & skittles. Like life itself, it'll be very tough at times. There'll be days when I wish I'd never dreamed this up. There'll be days when I'll want to throw in the towel. There'll be days when I'm dragging my feet and feeling sorry for myself, wishing I was still in bed. But so long as the donations keep on coming in I'll keep on going, forever upwards. 

To put this challenge in perspective, 1 million feet of ascent is equivalent to:

- climbing to the observation deck of Auckland's Sky Tower 1,640 times

- climbing to the tip of the Eiffel Tower 940 times

- climbing Everest from Base Camp more than 87 times 

- climbing Mt. Cook from sea level 82 times

I'm doing this because I'm a passionate advocate for mental health and a great believer in the value of being active in the great outdoors as a way of boosting mental wellbeing.

I'm doing this because I have first hand experience of the devastating consequences that depression can have.

I'm doing this because nearly 50% of New Zealanders will experience a mental health problem in their lifetime, and I don’t want them to face it on their own.

Your donation will help the Mental Health Foundation of NZ provide individuals, workplaces, schools and communities with the tools they need to build positive mental health and wellbeing. It will also be my carrot (or stick, depending on how you choose to look at it!) - for each $10 donated I pledge to climb 1,000 feet. So if $100,000.00 is donated I will have no choice but to climb 1 Million Feet for Mental Health.

Thanks for your support.

Thank you to my Supporters


Simeon Whyle

Love what you’re doing Malcom!!



When I'm in a slump, I comfort myself by saying if I believe in dinosaurs, then somewhere, they must be believing in me. And if they believe in me, then I can believe in me. Then I bust out. (Fake Mookie Wilson quotation)


Mark Rigby

Very inspirational.


Jeremy Simpson

Keep up the great work Mal



Mal - you nutty superstar, fantastic cause, brilliant (ok and slightly mad) goal - shall we make Mt Edward part of this challenge? All the best. Ems


Cate S

Love your crazy plan, Mal! Hope Routeburn Classic 2019 weekend might mean I get to do a few feet alongside you somewhere :-)


Jo Williams

Another great challenge you have set yourself and so agree that getting out in the mountains is good for mental health....




Briony Robertson


Kat And Ian

For day one ... a few dollars to help get you going!


Sarah H

My wish is that you enjoy the view and the people you meet on the way,


Cath & Phil Watson

You are an inspiration to us all!



Love your work


Catriona Mcwhirter

You never cease to inspire and support others. Would love to provide support and/or company if you decide to clock up any West Coast vertical.


Nigel Cory-wright

A Law unto himself.


Mark R

Keep up the good work for this important issue!! Your energy and ideas are infectious.


Bryan Roper

Love following the posts online. Hope to see you up north during the year and join you on some trails


Roz Calder


Karl Buchanan

What a challenge!! All the best from Karl, Julie and Olivia


Mark Colthart

Behind you 100% Mal. You can do this!


Stephen Stafford-bush

I pledge 0.0001c for each of your 1,000,000 feet Mal and if you do any of it in the upper North island I’ll find a way to join you.


Erwin Versleijen

One for all, all for one!


Brian Sparrow

Sounds like fun. Go you. To the top of Mount Maunganui 25 times each week!


Bern An Kevin


Naomi Cranston

Constantly inspired by your crazyness! Bring on 2019 and would love to join you on some climbs 🏔🍻


The Lth

The Chief Nutter is at it again! What an awesome way to spend 2019...achieving 1 million feet and raising money for a cause close to your heart. Go for it Mal!



This really is pretty crazy mate, good luck on the injury front, stay strong.


Bex H

Best of luck on this next incredible adventure. You're a champion!


Cameron Lord

kia kaha e hoa


Penny Oxley

Awesome work as always Mal! Your work has reached further than you will ever know. All the best for this years wicked challenge.



Go Mal! As someone who suffers with bipolar II, I always admire your crazy sacrifices for our cause. You are a legend. - Sam


Jo Oneill

U continue to amaze me hope i can join u thru out the year for at least one mission Cheers Jo


Rachelle Binny

Amazing goal Malcolm, this is so inspiring! My brother is a ME/CFS sufferer, we’ll be cheering you all the way.


Christina Hoey

You're antics are always a great motivator for me to get off my arse, keep up the crazy work Mal!


Jaci Richards

Can’t wait to see you nail this one!! Go you good thing 😉


Lucy Olphert

What an awesome initiative Malcolm! Since the very first time I sat down and watched Fifty the night before the 2016 Rotorua Marathon to meeting you and Sally in person several weeks later, you have been a true inspiration in my life. Thanks to you I have gone on to push boundaries (physical and mental) that I never knew I was capable of. I wish you all the best on this next adventure and would love to join you if you are running anywhere around Tauranga, Rotorua or Central North Island!


Nigel Parker

I did 212,208 vertical ft & 5,116 km in 2015 when I challenged myself to walk/run 5,000 km that year. That was an impossible goal for me so I really appreciate the scale of what is essentially 4x the vertical m's. I hope you have a daily stair routine. I was doing 8 floors twice a day as part of my work rate.


Raewyn Van Bommel


Kim Forsyth

Hope I get to travel some of those 1 million feet with you. Good luck and well done!


Ian Hoad

I still think it should be a million metres.


Caroline O'neill

Inspirational. Can totally relate to the wellbeing effect of embracing the outdoors. Keep spreading the word Mal.


Stu Houston

Good on you Mal hopefully I'll finally meet you this year and come along for a few thousand metres !!!


Sean Mcwilliams


Cindy Matthews


Dave Mellor

Well done Malcolm. A great cause


Steve Beatson

All the best Mal. Awesome challenge and doing it for a great cause.


Katie & Mike

We were inspired by your 50-50-50 challenge, and will be supporting you on this challenge! Go hard!




Jessica Chapple

Good on ya


Nic D

You are so inspirational. Love following your endeavours and happy to donate to this worthy cause. Good luck!


Jacqui Fisher

You are truly an inspiration Malcom! I've been following your progress on the Wild Things FB page! I also lost my niece to suicide last year so the cause is dear to my heart.


Richard Fletcher

Good luck Mal - you'll smash it - If you're doing some feet in Dunedin on 2019 let me know....(Ex Wellington WORM)


A Wild Thing.


Elyse Sibley

Thank you for helping people like me realize our worth! Your epic adventures have helped me find my place both on a personal level and in my career.


Chris Robertson

Words fail me! But I’m looking forward to following your next adventure already :)


Dion Blundell

Awesome challenge. Great that you're doing more fund raising. May it be lots of fun too.


Barrett Hocking

Bloody legend! See you out there for some of those VKs.


Paul Mccormick

Go Mal - my 4 day New Year hike in the Peak District doesn’t quite match this but right behind you.Tremendous effort for an incredibly important cause.


Jodie Clayton

You’ve got this.


Tracy Southern

All the best with this awesome challenge, your bloody inspiring!


Aimee R


Malcolm Law


Andrew Rowe

5k vertical a week? legend


Ian Harrington

Best of luck from the Lake District Fells mate!


Andrew Eadon-jones

Thought I would help you and others along the way.


Matthew Tyrrell



Despite what I have just done I still maintain you are more of a nutter than me!!!! But I love what you are nuts about!