Miguel Armas

Wellington Marathon 2020

Team Mental Health Foundation

[Fill in the blank … my story and why I want to help raise money and awareness for mental health]

I'm running to raise money for the Mental Health Foundation. I'm doing this because more than 50% of New Zealanders will experience a mental health problem in their lifetime, and I don’t want them to face it on their own.

Your donation will help the Mental Health Foundation to provide people with free information, resources and campaigns covering the A-Z of mental health and wellbeing topics. It will also help them advocate for helpful and hopeful policies and services for people living with mental illness.

I am aiming to raise [amount] – please show your support and donate to my page!

My Updates

Tuesday 30th Jun

Like so many other people I suffer from mental health problems. The past two years have been tough and challenging. I, like most people, was not prepared to deal with depression or anxiety. I have had the immense fortune to find help and to understand that I just couldn't do it alone. But I know that either because of financial resources or misinformation many people need help. I share my story to help break the taboo on mental health. We have to understand that it is a fundamental part of our lives. Let's try to help in our community with coworkers, friends and family. There are no taboo subjects, it should not be so uncomfortable to talk about it and find support. I am attaching a link to donate and raise funds for the Mental Health Foundation (if not in this one, look for others as there are surely many people out there looking for support). If you want to help me, thank you in advance.

Thank you to my supporters


Ben Johnstone


Marion St John Knight

Well done Miguel. Hope you raise lots of money for mental health. It is very much needed.


G&b Hague


Tina A Johnstone

Well done, great cause.


Bronwyn Hutcheson

Great cause Miguel


Amy Johnstone

Great work and awesome cause !


Miguel Armas