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Kia ora koutou katoa,

I’m excited to say that over the next few months I will be walking the distance from my front door directly to front steps of the Beehive (644km) to raise funds for the Mental Health Foundation of New Zealand. I am doing this to support the 50% of New Zealanders experiencing a mental health problem in their lifetime, especially during this tough time with COVID-19. This cause is especially close to my heart due to my own lived experience with Mental Health, and the experiences of those who are close to me.

Now more than ever, we need to take care of our own wellbeing, our whaanau’s wellbeing and our community’s wellbeing – and this is an amazing way to do it. Maybe you and your bubble will join me.

I’m aiming to raise $600 to help the Mental Health Foundation continue supporting Kiwi households in this changing environment. We don’t know what the biggest needs will be in the coming months, but we do know the need for mental health support and information will grow. Your donations will ensure the Mental Health Foundation can provide resources, information and hope to families around the country.

If you can, please support me and donate to my page. Whether it’s $5 or $20, every little bit counts. However, I know all too well that these are tough times, so if you have nothing to spare consider joining my team and let's smash this goal together!

Thank you whaanau – arohanui!

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Day One

Sunday 26th Apr
Day 1: Sunday 26th April, 2020.

8.04km of 644km (Bubble to Beehive)

Today was the start of my 644km fundraising journey.

This is not something I anticipated doing this year. But then I think we all anticipated something much different for 2020.

Okay, so a full disclaimer, I am not a health and fitness type of human by choice. Not in the slightest. I used to loathe the idea of going for walks and running just made bits of me hurt and wobble. Then in 2018, I hit a huge low with my mental health and found myself completely unmotivated in my career. I could barely get out of bed, I wasn't eating(my ED was beginning to rear it's head once more), I wasn't engaging in anything social, and I was slowly starting to feel like I was losing control. A good friend suggested I take up dog walking for income and for my mental health. I'm so thankful I took their advice and the job, as over time, as my fitness improved, walking started to become a sort-of-therapy for me. I still only got up between the hours of 9am and 5pm and essentially hid away from the world, but those few hours of sweat, fresh air and tail wags started letting my body and mind heal in ways I needed it to. Without that period in my life I wouldn't finally be at this point now where I can take on the journey of appropriate therapy and treatment for my mental health.

That's one of the reasons why I have chosen to jump into this mammoth challenge. I want to give myself the excuse to get out there and dedicate hours to walking, breathing and processing away from the intense pressures of life. Another reason is because the reality of COVID-19 means a lot of time in pressure cooker situations and that means our citizens suffering from mental health problems are even more at risk than ever. These diagnosis' don't disappear in a pandemic. And charities everywhere are taking huge financial hits.

The truth is is there are so many reasons I'm doing this, so I'll be using this blog to explain them, track my journey, and talk about my lived experience with mental health.

All in all the actual walking today was much easier than I thought, despite my bad lungs and lock-down snacking weight gain, but I'm sure my muscles will be screaming tomorrow. Here's to 636km more!


Thank you to my supporters


Beren Allen

Ka mau te wehi! Keep it up Rae!


Kate Tennent

This is incredible Rachael!




Zach Macer


Danielle Auld-julian

Well done! Awesome thing to do x


Michael Trigg

Great stuff mate!


James Wenley

Awesome mission, enjoy!!



Best wishes for this venture


Lucy Noonan


Rachael Longshaw-park