Conquering the Wall

By Robyn Richards And Suzanne Reid

Mental health issues affect too many families in this country. And this is true for us as well.

Suzanne and Robyn are planning a week's adventure to walk along the Great  Wall of China with the aim of raising funds for the Mental Health Foundation of New Zealand. This will be in October 2019.

The change we most want to see is education so that more people can develop resilience and know there is hope. And that is why we are fundraising for the Mental Health Foundation.

Please help us to support the Mental Health Foundation by donating today.

Your donation will help the Mental Health Foundation of NZ provide individuals, workplaces, schools and communities with the tools they need to build positive mental health and wellbeing. We want to raise $1200 and every little bit counts!

Thank you to my Supporters


Offline Fundraiser


Offline Fundraising



Hey Robyn Add my gorgeous sister to your list.....and she worked on a mental health ward.


Sandra & Craig Morrison

All the best Robyn!


Ben & Lydia Mannell

Love your work, Robyn!


Tess Fraser

Your words are beautiful and so real.. Enjoy the Great Wall. 😌


Lauris Crook

Thank you Robyn for your wonderful message.


Jane Scott

Brilliant Robyn!


Offline Donation


Andrew Richards


Lisa Cannings

Love what you do AR xox


Erin Jensen


David & Doretta Hall

Robyn, we were moved by your message. This is such a worthy cause to support. Best wishes.


Jill Brinsley


Sara Loughnane

Great cause. Great action. Hope it’s a blast


Julie Scott

Excellent idea Robyn. Enjoy the stroll.


Dawn Hunter

Just a little something.


Sue Kilgour

You are an inspiration to so many people ❤️


Lydia Mannell

Thanks for the delicious bliss balls!!


Robyn Richards


Sally Higgins

Awesome work Robyn


Mary Fleming

Robyn, you're an inspiration!


Lynne Matthews

Wonderful idea Robyn...keeping fit and raising funds for a great cause at the same time!


Kathryn Meyers