Supporting others through challenging times by doing my least favourite physical activity exercise - RUNNING!

Wellington Marathon 2020

Team Mental Health Foundation

Kia ora koutou,

For those who are close to me, you will know that I suffer from generalised anxiety, heightened stress and often burnout. I am sure this is an extremely familiar situation for many of you as we all experience stress, anxiety and feeling overworked and exhausted.

I have been on a wellbeing journey since 2018 when I suffered my first severe panic attack. I am slowly discovering many things that help fill my cup and provide me with tips and strategies to help me through difficult times.

Some things I have found support me are:

Yoga and mindfulness/meditation


Supporting others through their challenging times

Spending time with family and friends

Walking my dog

Getting outside every single day...even if it rains

Filling my body with nutritious food

Scheduling time out for myself, where I may do NOTHING

In my work I am a Public Health Advisor working with Wellington based organisations to enhance physical activity and wellbeing initiatives for the community. This is something that is becoming more and more relevant in society, particularly in a post covid-19 world, where there are lots of new ways of living and working. I am extremely passionate about supporting others and I am now a mental health first-responder, so please reach out if you ever want to have a chat, or ask for some support.

I want to do the thing I dislike the most in exercise - running to support Mental Health awareness for myself and for others. I'm running to raise money for the Mental Health Foundation. I'm doing this because more than 50% of New Zealanders will experience a mental health problem in their lifetime, and I don’t want them to face it on their own.

Your donation will help the Mental Health Foundation to provide people with free information, resources and campaigns covering the A-Z of mental health and wellbeing topics. It will also help them advocate for helpful and hopeful policies and services for people living with mental illness.

I am aiming to raise $800 – please show your support and donate to my page!

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Thank you to my supporters


Megan Potter

You are amazing Shelby!


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You've got this Shelby!


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Way to go Shelby :)


Garth Wilson

Wish I could run with you, go pumpkin.



Go all the way Shelby!


Kate Macgregor

Keep up the good work Shelby!






Alex Talbot

Proud of you beautiful!


Shelby Wilson


Anna Robertson-bate

You got this Shelby!


Matt Woodrow


Andy John

Go Shelby!! You'll smash it up!


Magali Bravo


Shirley Pierce

Your awesome Shelby! Love from the Pierce fam x


Van Der Plas

From Josh and I, run fast my love!


Kale Joines


Rocky Ali

YOU GO GURL!!!!!!!