Sophie Bailey

Will You Rise With Us

Will You Rise With Us

the Te-Whiti Riser for Mental Health

25 climbs for $25k, "Will you
rise with us

Lets talk, lets walk and lets be there for each other. 

When you live in a country with one
of the world
s highest suicide rates, its about time we started talking honestly and openly
about the issue – and if I’m honest, it should have been done a long
time ago. 

Everyone has a story - whether
they have suffered from depression, stress, anxiety or they have lost som
eone because of their struggle with
mental health. 

At the age of 16,
I lost a
friend to suicide
. I remember having lunch with her just the day before,
and smiling. I
remember saying to her, "see you tomorrow". 

Tomorrow came and the phone rang
just as
I was about to leave home, my mum stopped me and explained
what had happened. My heart sank into my stomach and
I remember not knowing what to do,
how to feel or if
I even
believed it. 

I am now 27 years old and I
still remember that day like it was yesterday
. No
ger, no parent,
no sibiling, no friend should ever have to go through that. We have
the resources today to be able to provide support
and assistance for whatever you’re going through. Speak
up, talk to someone and know that the
are people that care about you. 

Im frustrated by
the stigma around mental health and suicide and that we still don
t talk about it. It gets swept under the carpet and more
people suffer everyday. 

Everyone has a "why" and
this is mine
. I’m
doing it to raise funds and awareness for the mental health foundation because
-one should
walk this journey alone


the 7th of September 2019 myself and my team from Grind health and
fitness will take on the challenge to climb the Te-whiti riser in a relay style
event, we will be climbing this Riser 25 times to raise funds and awareness for
Mental health. Pushing ourselves right outside  our comfort zones and taking our mindsets to some
dark places, we can only imagine this is the very tip of the ice berg for people
going through depression, anxiety and stress.

you walk with us? Grind Health and Fitness have set up a registration page, jump
on board, talk with us, walk with us and lets raise $25k for the mental health

Your donation will help the Mental
Health Foundation of NZ provide individuals, workplaces, schools and communities
with the tools they need to build positive mental health and wellbeing. We want
to raise $25,000, so please donate to me or one of my team today! Every little bit counts!

" Rise with us"