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Mt Maunganui Half Marathon 2022

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Swim, Cycle & Run for mental health

I have always been physically active and found that it helps me overcome the stresses in my life.  Recently I have found myself in a place where I needed something else to keep my hinengaro intact. I started training for triathlons and found that the individual disciplines help me focus more and work through complicated problems. Now I am drawn to not only participate in triathlons but to also try distance running, swimming, and cycling in their individual events.

I'm helping raise money and awareness for mental health because nearly 50% of New Zealanders will experience a mental health problem in their lifetime, and I don’t want them to face it on their own.

Your donation will help the Mental Health Foundation provide people with free information, resources and campaigns covering the A-Z of mental health and wellbeing topics. It will also help them advocate for helpful and hopeful policies and services for people living with mental illness.

So please show your support and donate to my page today. Every little bit counts!

Thank you in advance,

Vaughan Antonio



Updates from Vaughan

Still getting there

Thursday 4th Aug
My last big run before injuring myself. I'm back to a few 10km runs per week and will try and catch up to where I left off this weekend with an 18km plod around the city. Not long now...

I missed the email to wear blue...

Monday 13th Jun
Hawke's Bay Triathlon Club: Duathlon Series, Race 2 @ Haumoana. My run pace was better but felt like I could go faster. I made up places on the bike but legs went like jelly in the second run. Training will be focusing on my half marathon pace now but have two duathlons left in this series. P.S. of course that is me in the bright fluro top.

Duathlon Season

Thursday 26th May
I haven't posted in a while but I'm still training and attending events. This photo is from the first duathlon of the season at Puketapu School in April.

My little helper

Thursday 10th Mar
I came home after a 10km run and had to put my headphones down somewhere. I found a new place to hang them... I think she likes my playlist?

TRI HB event 4

Thursday 24th Feb
Progressing well in my triathlon challenge recording my fastest overall time. Keeping to my motto "progress over perfection" and achieving mini goals. after the last event in 4 weeks, it will be all about getting to that 1/2 Marathon distance goal!!!

Tongariro Crossing 🚸

Saturday 5th Feb
Changing up the training plan... Still a half marathon distance but definitely not flat.

EVENT WEEK: TRIHB Sprint Distance

Friday 28th Jan
Looking forward to this weekend's Triathlon in Hawkes bay.  Hope to improve on my times and continue to make some progress towards my goals.
#menshealth #mentalwealth 

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Sigrid Lindbom

Very impressive - well done


Kathy Antonio

You’re a great inspiration


Maea Winitana

You are a champion in so many ways brother!! You inspire me and so many others x Kia Kaha Teina!! Arohanui!!


Leo Antonio


Alistair Withers

Keep it up Vaughn! Very inspiring to see!


Respect Sports

Keep going 💪🏼




Koro Gav

Good on you Captain (aka The Grey Wolf). So proud of you


Respect Sports


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Awesome bro


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Sunmeet Bhatia


Judy Parker

Enjoy what you are doing. You are a great role model for The Whanau.