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Being active is great for your mental health.
Set yourself a challenge, set up an online fundraising page and sweat it for mental health!

Upcoming Events

Christchurch 10K Night Series

Christchurch 10K Night Series

17 Aug 2019


Get your head torches ready as the The Christchurch 10km Night Series takes place in the dark. If you never run or walked at night before, given these 10K races a go. Choose to compete in one, two, three or all four 10km events through Christchurch.
Dunedin Marathon 2019

Dunedin Marathon 2019

1 Sep 2019


The Dunedin Marathon 2019 takes runners around in the Peninsula and the beautiful Otago Harbour.
Neon Night Walk

Neon Night Walk

5 Oct 2019


Get your glow on and join our team at the Neon Night Walk this October! Join our team and help to raise awareness and funds for mental health! #Glow4Good.
Auckland Marathon 2019

Auckland Marathon 2019

20 Oct 2019

Get your sweat on for mental health! Join the our team this October to raise funds and awareness for the cause.
Queenstown Marathon 2019

Queenstown Marathon 2019

16 Nov 2019


Run the Queenstown Marathon in 2019 and raise funds for the Mental Health Foundation.
Rotorua Marathon 2020

Rotorua Marathon 2020

2 May 2020


May the fourth take you on a run through Rotorua's scenic Government Gardens, city centre, and Lake Rotorua.
Christchurch Marathon 2020

Christchurch Marathon 2020

1 Jun 2020


Join us at the Christchurch Marathon in 2020. Starting at Christchurch's town hall, the course takes you on a scenic tour of Christchurch, taking in Hagley Park and the Avon River.
Wellington Marathon 2020

Wellington Marathon 2020

30 Jun 2020


Run for mental health! Join us at the Wellington Marathon in 2020.

“1 in 5 of us will experience mental illness in our life, yet not many of us talk about it when we are not doing well. I am running in support of the Mental Health Foundation and the work they do to increase awareness, end discrimination, and advocate on behalf of mental health service users.”

Mark, running the Auckland Marathon 2017 for the MHF.


If the event you are wanting to do is not listed above, or you have any questions, please get in touch on 09 623 4810 or fill in the form below.

Meet some of our fundraisers

"I've decided to raise some moolah for The Mental Health Foundation of NZ so that one day, everyone in NZ can get access to the help they need when they need it." - Sarah. Ran the Auckland Marathon 2017 for the MHF.

"I was excited at the thought of the challenge, of an inspiration to help me get my life back on track, and above all the chance to raise money for mental health." - Claire.  Running the New York Marathon 2018 for the MHF.

“By running with the Mental Health Foundation I hope to spread awareness and understanding and let people know that there is always someone to talk to.”  - Zaimon.  Ran the Queenstown Marathon for the MHF.

"Mental health impacts people in so many ways, each different, each unique. I run to prove that you can do anything you want to when you put your mind to it." - Mark. Ran the Auckland Marathon 2017 for the MHF

"I'm running to raise money and awareness for The Mental Health Foundation of NZ - it's part of my goal to draw attention to the mental health issues my peers and I face as musicians and as part of the stressful and unforgiving entertainment industry."

Daniel, Auckland Marathon 2018

"Poor mental health effects so many people in my community I felt very strongly that I wanted to be part of the solution and by fundraising I feel that the donations I can receive will go towards helping many amazing people."

Michele, Inca Trail 2019

“This cause is one dear to my heart. Everyone knows someone impacted someway or another by mental illness and I, personally, have seen far too many people close to me affected by it.” 

Holly, Auckland Marathon 2018

"I am aware how many people are touched by mental health in New Zealand. We see this not only in the media, but in our community. I hope that fundraising can help in some way and that my taking part has helped raise awareness."

Fiona, Neon Night Walk | Run 4 Good 2018