Craig's sobriety run

By Craig Giltinan

From the 1st of December 2018 til the 1st of December 2019; i will be abstaining entirely from Alcohol and remaining Sober. In conjunction with this; i shall also be running both the Christchurch marathon in June 2019 and the Queenstown Marathon in November 2019. All of this is to raise awareness for mental health with a focus on the ever growing suicide rates. It seems we all know someone now who has either taken their own life or suffered as the result of someone taking their life, this isn't okay and something needs to be done about it. For each marathon i complete and for completing the year of sobriety i myself will put a $100 into the fund. I know I've set a large overall fundraising target; but this is a serious issue and every dollar raised will go toward a truly great cause. 

Thank you to my Supporters


Andrew Fraser

Well done Craig a great cause



Keep it up Craig such a great cause!


Hannah Crampton



Proud of you friend!!


Ben Brown

Good on ya mate x


Steven Giltinan


David Luke


Lea Fraser

Awesome well done Craig - you’ve got this!


Sophie Fraser

Proud of you babe 💗


Sue Cain

Fantastic cause, good luck!




Calum Leitch

Great stuff man! Proud of you, doing such a great thing, hope you have a ball doing it!


Sharon Luke

Best of luck my amazing son so very proud of you love u loads xxx


Neal Lindores

Good luck Craig!





Proud of you pal!! There’ll be more to come, promise! Hopefully I’ll see ya at the run too


Jane Jeffs

Such a great cause, really admire what you’re doing. Will see you at the queenstown run!


Michael Hurst-long

がんばって👍 (good luck)


Sophie Fraser



Vivek Sharma


Hanna Ferguson


Jessica Campbell


Ya Boy Topher Grace

Xox love you long time


Vivek Sharma


Clare Giltinan

Just to get you going...more to come with each milestone. Excellent cause and fabulous commitment


Jimmy Whitefield


Sharon Mcgeough Mcgeough

All the very best to you very worthy cause


Natasha Milton