25 Push-ups for 25 Days - Suicide Awareness Challenge

By Sophie Lee Andrews

Donate a little or a lot to spread suicide awareness for the mentalhealth.org.nz

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Under 1 minute a day for 25 days only, we can do this, together.? We as a whole family have taken up the 25 Push-ups for 25 Days - Suicide Awareness Challenge for $25 each (inspired by my baby sister, Maria Diana).? We are both passionate about this cause and have over 10 years of experience together, personally working with the mentally ill, as a Substitute Teacher in the United States and Community Support Worker in New Zealand and Australia to help support the work of Mental Health.

You can watch and/or hear us struggling with this challenge and see messages of hope and encouragement in our under 1-minute videos on our YouTube Channel:? JDBaej Music (NB: You DO NOT need to do this to carry out this challenge, heck you can just donate if you want and/or even just share).? But, every day can be a challenge for those people who suffer from PTSD (Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder), anxiety, depression, and any other mental health issues and disabilities; and who may not have the resources they need to maintain positive well-being and function well.

Nearly 50% of New Zealanders will experience a mental health problem in their lifetime, and we do not want them to face it on their own.

25 Aug 2019 - Mental health experts are calling for urgent action as New Zealand's suicide deaths reached their highest level since records began 12 years ago.

There were 685 suicides in the year to June 30 - that's 17 more than last year when there were 668.

The suicide rate now stands at 13.93 per 100,000 people, compared to 13.67 in 2017/18, a 1.9 percent increase.

Rates of suicide among youth, Maaori and Pacific Island people have risen dramatically, according to the provisional suicide statistics released today by Chief Coroner Judge Deborah Marshall.

The World Health Organisation says that close to 800,000 people?die due to suicide every year.

Your donation will help the Mental Health Foundation of New Zealand (Aotearoa) provide people, workplaces, schools, and communities with the tools they need to build positive mental health and well-being.

We want to raise as much as we can, so be a Mental Health Advocate today, and please donate as every little bit counts!?

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