El Camino - Sept 2019

Camino de Santiago

The goal

To walk 728 km from France to Santiago in Spain on a pilgrimage often known as the Camino de Santiago.

We are doing this to raise awareness for mental health as even though so many people have battles with this through their life, many of which are not reported and many cannot afford to get help when they need it. This has gained momentum from what was once in the 'taboo' category but still has a long way to go. 

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Pauline Brill

To a wonderful, caring son.


Jules Bright

Sounds incredible - what a journey Bro! x


Paula Brill

OMG - I'm half-planning to do this with a friend in a few years. Have wanted to do it for ages! What fun!


Grant Blair

A friend of ours from here in Brisbane did this walk recently. It’s not easy mate, but I know you will see it through. It’s also a fantastic experience.


Jeff Brill Brill