Hawkes Bay Marathon 2020

Team Mental Health Foundation

From ex bodybuilder to a tradie who loves the bakery and the Friday afternoon beers here we are putting in the fight to achieve a half marathon.

 more than 50% of New Zealanders will experience a mental health problem in their lifetime, and I don’t want them to face it on their own which is why i've chosen to run for mental health. 

Your donation will help the Mental Health Foundation to provide people with free information, resources and campaigns covering the A-Z of mental health and wellbeing topics. It will also help them advocate for helpful and hopeful policies and services for people living with mental illness.

I am aiming to raise a total of $1000 – please show your support and donate to my page!

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I only had $2 left otherwise it would’ve been more 🤦🏼‍♀️😅