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I'm fundraising for mental health

Recently I've been feeling a bit flat. I wouldn't say depressed. But considering I have quite a comfortable and happy life to enjoy, I should be ab-sol-lute-ly thrilled to wake up and get going every morning.

As someone who has experienced depression before as a teenager and young adult, I knew I had to make some changes before I started down that path into gloom and doom. Remembering the days and days that I couldn't even get out of bed in the morning because it just didn't make sense to.

We've all been told the secret to a healthy mind is also a healthy body. Physical exercise is FANtastic for releasing those happy vibes into the body. So... with that in mind, I've taken the plunge on a bucket list goal of mine and signed up to run a full marathon. YIKES!?

So with all that in mind, I thought, hey! Let's make my running for mental health journey help others too!

I've signed up for "Running for Mental Health" and the goal is to fundraise $1000 to go towards mental health in New Zealand.

So when is this marathon you ask??
Taupo Marathon: 31 July 2021

Let the training commence!

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Lenny And Annalise

Go you good thing


Mike Winkley

Good on ya Lainey! Can't wait to support you in the marathon as well 😊😊




Diane Tews

All the best Lainey, great cause and hope you reach your goal


Rowan Gledhill

You go girl.


Ron Schalkwijk

I wish you well in acheiving your goal


Hayley, Kieran & Darcey

Go Lainey, you rock dude! Xoxoxo


Bull Te

West side!




Samantha Hope

Good on you this is awesome !


Judy Gibb

Good for you Lainey. All the very best. Love Jude xx