Mary's on the Run

By Mary McFly

Running, trails, and mental health

In the NZ summer of 2019/2020 I will be running the length of New Zealand using the vast network of trails that run through the national and forest parks.

Spending time outdoors in nature has greatly helped me with my mental health. I've battled with depression since I was 15 years old, and getting outdoors to run, climb, and tramp has helped me through some of my hardest times. Being in nature has taught me to slow down, appreciate the small things, and helped me garner the confidence to let my guard down and embrace myself for who I am.

Through this journey, I want to encourage others to find their own way of enjoying life. The Mental Health Foundation has so many resources available for people who are struggling, and I want to help break down the stigma related to mental illness so people feel more confident to speak out about what's going on and to explore the avenues of help available to them.

I want to create a discussion about mental health.

Nearly half of all kiwis will experience a mental illness at some point in their life.

I want them to know they're not alone.

I want them to know that help is available.

Please join me on this journey and support this great cause!

Thank you to my Supporters


Sue And Graeme Williams

We are both so proud of what you guys have achieved 😊👏


The Jolliffe Family

What a great cause Mary, hope to see you while you're home. Amanda


Karen Williams

Hi Mary best of luck for this very worthy cause xx


Erena Mccann



Jane Cayless


Stacey Hendriks

You got this chick! Will support you all the way! Such a great cause.


Mary Williams