Matt Hayne

New York Marathon 2018

Team Mental Health Foundation

Help support me in running the New York Marathon in 2018!

Nearly 50% of New Zealanders will experience a mental health problem in their lifetime, we don’t want them to face it on their own. Your donation will help the Mental Health Foundation of NZ provide individuals, workplaces, schools and communities with the tools they need to build positive mental health and wellbeing.

Your support will also help the MHF to advocate for increased access to free or heavily subsidised counselling so they are accessible and affordable.

"He manu hou ahau, he pi ka rere.

I am a new bird, a fledgling just learning to fly."

This discovery was brought to my attention by a friend.

Having delved into some sporting/leisure events of late, and having some awareness of the systemic issues and challenges of well being in today's current environment (which could always be better), I seemed to have conveniently ticked more hegemonic boxes than most of my peers.

I have never run a marathon before, it should be interesting, I have quietly endeavoured to navigate a balanced and reasonable training path with a supportive group of helpful, positive, and classic Wellingtonians, chipping away on skills without ever achieving the build of a true runner.

All going well, I'm looking forward to adding value to the team, foundation, and in what lays ahead for this particular journey.

The goal was to raise $6000, we have achieved this, ahead of time, thanks to the generosity of donors, which has been great.

If you'd still like to contribute however, feel free, I am sure the foundation would welcome it.

No pressure,

Thank you.

Thank you to my Sponsors


Steve & Selina

Enjoy the run


Michael Barlow

Go hard or go home Dooley boy!


Scott Ussher

Give it heaps Matt


Keri James

All the best for a great run! A great cause! x


Chris Connelly

shot Manu


Andrew Cotterrell

Kia Ora Matt, Thanks for your message about what you are doing. I think the cause is fantastic and am happy to donate an amount to get you to your goal of $6,000. From what I have seen of you at training so far you will complete this marathon no problem. Kia Kaha Kind regards, Andrew


8 Golf Rd

Shot bro, great cause. Hope the training going to plan.



Awesome Matt, Good Luck!


Gatts, Jen And The Girls

Great stuff. Give it heaps Manu! Your the man!


Matt Kennedy-good

Goooooo Maaaaaaaaaatty


Lorraine Mcarthur

Good on you Matt. All the best 😊


Anna Dellabarca

Awesome Matt - go you!




Shez Halford

Remember to take in the views, this is usually a once in a lifetime experience!! Kia kaha


Jay And Sua

Mean work Matt... all the best!


Geoff And Rose

Great effort bro and a great cause! Good luck mate.


Nicholas Lawrence

Good on you bro it's for a good cause too




Hu Hu

Run like you stole it!


Roger & Carol

An important issue, underfunded and overlooked


Brad Connolly

Good job buddy. They should rename it the New York Manuathon


Wendy Mccarrison

Proud of you xx


Colin & Jenny Murray

All the very best Matt - an amazing thing you are undertaking for a terrific cause




Angela Pirika

Shot cux


Zsana Raerino

Good luck cuz. Enjoy the race & your trip to the Big Apple xx


Mike Nicholls

Better get top 10 ball bag



Fast an furious Maori


Bevan, Joanne, Shontelle And Sheldon Hayne

Give it your all and Enjoy!


Debbie And Greg Hayne

Enormously proud Matt. Go well. Love Mum and Dad


Matt Lewer

Shot bro! That's stepping things up a few notches


Phil Bilbrough

Rock it Matt



This is very awesome Matt!!!



Good luck!


Jenny Macdonald

Good luck, go well.


Kaitlin Hayne

Good job cuzzie 👍


Melissa And Joe Ross

Awesome work. Good luck!


David Beckley

Good on u Matt I hope u succeed and best of luck. David & Helen Beckley


Robyn Brooking

All the best Matt, God Bless you for doing this.


Hazel Turner

Just a little Koha from my broke ass this time sorry, way to go Xx



Great cause. Good luck !


Kiwi Homes

Good luck !!


Philippa And Aaron Hayne

Huge respect Matt! You’re mad but awesome!!


Chris Keeler

Chur brasss!!!!


Stacey Raerino

awesome cuz.


Paul Tollison

Good on you


Ben Fidow

Fighting the good fight brother.Alofa atu uso


Damien Bell


Rob Hayne

The man bro


Margaret Enoka

Kia kaha Matthew!! Arohanui xxx