Paul Arnesen

Tour de France 2018

Tour de France for MHF

Support me in riding all 21 stages of the Tour de France, one day before the actual race in 2018! I’m riding this because nearly 50% of New Zealanders will experience a mental health problem in their lifetime, and I don’t want them to face it on their own.

Your donation will help the Mental Health Foundation of NZ provide individuals, workplaces, schools and communities with the tools they need to build positive mental health and wellbeing. Your support will help the MHF to advocate for increased access to free or heavily subsidised counselling so they are accessible and affordable.

I, am hoping to raise $1 for each kilometre ridden, equating to $3,329, so please donate to MHF today! 

Thank you to our supporters


S Leckie


Andrew Trevelyan


Lionel Rogers

Great effort Paul


Molly &jim Fulton

Well done. Happy to donate to a great cause. So glad you have exceeded your target. Molly & Jim Fulton


Dj Fulton

Well done, fantastic effort for a top cause.


Tanya Wylie


Caroline Mcgee

Well done Paul on a brilliant ride, we are in awe of you. From Caroline and Mike


Geoff Mcgee

Well done Paul, all the McGee's stoked for you. Geoff


Caroline Gates

What an awesome achievement. You put the pedal to the metal in Peru’s it of helping others. Huge well done.


Samantha Gates


Craig Moriarty

All the best Paul. Grit and grind.


Khoo Family

Good luck Paul! A massive effort my friend and ti a bery good cause.



Give it heaps mate!! Good Luck!!


Jeremy Brabant

Have a ripper Paul - what an amazing challenge to undertake.


Russell Thompson

Viva la Paul Remember to Hydrate at the end of each day


James Crews

All the best with the ride Paul


Jonny Reid

Give it plenty Paul! We are right behind you. This is a great cause that you are supporting fund raising. I look forward to catching up upon your return. Go get em!


Serban Teodorescu

Bonne chance Paul! Great cause.


Kim Barrett

Good luck and go well Paul.


Andreew Hunter

Good luck with the ride and enjoy yourself.


Gerard Thompson

Good luck Paul


Steve R

Try and stay upright for this ride aye!? Awesome effort


Big Kahuna Apartment Building

Go well Mr Arnesen - good on you!


Jimmy Low & Family

Good luck, take care , we are proud of you


Junge Xu

I hope you do well. Your endeavour to help others is awesome ! Your family and friends must be very proud of you. You have my respect and support. Wishing and your team a successful tour


Jon Perry, Erm

Hey Paul, all the very best with're doing an amazing thing and I hope it all goes well. It'll be tough going, but at least you won't have any Auckland drivers to contend with. Cheers, Jon.


Angela Collie

All the best Paul I hope you enjoy the ride your the best and I'd been a pleasure following your training and I can't wait to see you in real action xx


Phillip Brown

As the kids always say "... are we there yet?......"


Msc Consulting


Michael Hutchings


Peter Watters

Good luck Paul. Well done for putting yourself through so much pain and preparation for such a great and worthy cause. Enjoy the ride. Cheers Peter


Steve Fowler

Hi Paul, Good luck with the "big" trip and have a great time and for an excellent cause.


Amit Arthanari

Good Luck Paul! A truly inspiring endeavour. I wish you the best of luck, but given the amount of training you have put in, i'm going to guess you wont need it.


Andrew Lamb

Fantastic Paul and what an experience. Go hard and enjoy it fully.


Kitt Littlejohn

Go Paul! I'll think of you from the safety of my spin class!


Eric Wilson

Make sure you have enough anti chaffing cream


Mitchell Tweedie


Robert Hodgkinson

rouler dur frère


Jonathan Walker


Paul Culley

Good luck Paul, massive challenge All the best from the Culley’s


Peter & Trixie Dodd

Great cause you are working on Paul, good luck and enjoy your time over there.



All the best Paul, I hope you are ready for the mountain sections ! Great fundraising effort !


Lloyd Clark

All the best Paul. Lloyd


Michael Lawrie

Impressive catch that dream :-)


Dean Emerson

Some people go on Cruise ships for their holiday.


Benedict Burgess

Super impressive. Ride strong.


Pravin Dayaram

all the best Paul - a phenomenal challenge and worthy cause!


Gael Mcinnes


Melissa Hall

Impressive stuff - go Paul (& Lena support crew)!


Michelle Vk

An incredible feat, and fantastic cause to support. Go well!


Donald Fulton

Wonderful effort, Paul. All the Best!.


Planning Focus

Awesome endeavour, trip of a lifetime!


Simon Arnesen


Mary Arnesen

Keep us posted and stay safe!


Keith Bell



Best of luck.


Nigel Mather


Alexandra Allen


Rachelle Hui


Mon Nee Law

Go Paul


Victor Li

Good luck!


Jonathan Douglas



Paul Arnesen