Organise a fundraising event

Have you got a great idea for a community fundraising event? An online yoga/mindfulness class, a live gig, a black-tie cyber dinner, or maybe a new way to connect with people from a safe distance?

You and fundraisers like you have come up with some great ideas over the years. We'd love to hear what you've got planned, so get in touch using the form below. We can help make your event fun and easy by providing advice and support. Although we can't advertise your fundraising event for you, you can list it yourself on our Upcoming Events calendar - one of the most visited pages on our website. So what are you waiting for?

Want to promote your event? List it on our calendar

Promote your event quickly and easily by listing it on the Mental Health Foundation Events Calendar. This is one of the most viewed pages on our website so make sure your event is there. You might even find other events in your area that interest you. On the Events Calendar page, simply click on the button and follow the prompts to list your event.

Events calendar

Charity streaming & online fundraising

Want to livestream your event and capture donations directly? Follow our easy set-up guide and get started. Or if video streaming's not for you, you might want to support your community-based event with your own online fundrasing page. Having an online presence makes it easy to share your event through social media channels and to collect donations.

How to donate your fundraising money

If you have an online fundrasing page, your donations come straight to us and your supporters are receipted automatically. If you're collecting cash at your event, our preferred method of transfer is by bank deposit. If you've touched base with us we've probably given you a banking code and reference to use with your banked donation. This helps us to receipt you quicky and efficiently. If you don't have a donor code and reference, get in touch.

Bank: BNZ
Name of account: Mental Health Foundation
Account number: 02-0100-0752592-097
Reference: as provided
Code: as provided

We'd love to hear what you've got planned for your community fundraising event. Fill out this form or call 09 623 4810

By raising money for the Mental Health Foundation, you're helping thousands of people access free information on mental health topics.