Fundraise at school

No one should ever feel ashamed of who they are or feel afraid to be themselves. Hold a fundraiser for mental health and take part in activities to promote diversity, uphold mana, and encourage inclusiveness and kindness.

There are so many great ways you can raise money for mental health with your class or your entire school if you want to. We've outlined some of the more popular ideas below. If you want to decorate your event or hand out stickers to people who donate to your fundraiser, get in touch and we can post you out some supplies. Fundraising for the Mental Health Foundation is really popular with schools for Pink Shirt Day but you can fundraise at any time of the year that suits you and your school. You can even set up an online fundraising page to make collecting donations easier. Whatever you choose to do to fundraise for the Mental Health Foundation, we hope you have fun doing it!

Fundraising ideas for schools

Make a Cookbook

Ask Students to bring a favourite recipe and create a cookboolk to sell.

Charity Fun Run

Hold a sponsored fun run, maybe even a colour run if you're brave.

Have a Mufti-Day

Hold a mufti-day for a gold coin donation. Order MHF stickers to give to people who donate.

Reconnect Challenge

Have a "disconnect to reconnect" challenge where kids are sponsored to not use technology for 24 hours.

Tea Towels

Design and sell your own school tea towels with wellbeing messages written by students.

Grow Seedlings

Grow seedlings in small containers to sell. Team up with your horticulture department if you have one.

Online Fundraising

 Does your school have a social group or sports team that wants to raise money for mental health? Perhaps you've got a class doing a special fundraising project. Having an online fundraising page can help you advertise your event and makes it really easy to collect donations. Your supporters donate directly to your page and get receipted automatically. So click on the button to find out more and see if this is right for your school group. Then set up your fundraising page, add some great pictures to help tell your story, and share it far and wide with friends and family and all your school's wonderful supporters.

Online Fundraising


The Sparklers programme helps teachers connect with tamariki and whānau about the importance of looking after children's mental health in a safe and comfortable way. Tamariki love it, they think it's fun and easy to do. It gives them permission to talk about tough topics like emotions or finding calm without feeling like it's too hard. Visit the Sparklers website for heaps of great wellbeing activies for your classroom. 

Visit Sparklers

5 Ways to Wellbeing

The 5 Ways to Wellbeing are simple things that we can all do every day to improve our emotional health and wellbeing. Here are some ideas for incorporating them into your school day.

Write compliments for your classmates and teachers and hold a compliments lucky dip.

Spend 10 minutes focussing on the moment and taking in the sights, smells and sounds.

Get curious – create a treasure hunt in nature, or start a tree identification book.

Visit a rest home and become reading buddies with the residents.

Play a game outside, try a yoga class, start the day with jumping jacks, or have a running race.

Pink Shirt Day

Pink Shirt Day is an anti-bullying campaign that aims to create schools, workplaces, communities and whānau where all people feel safe, valued and respected. Get your school community and tauira/students involved to put and end to bullying, and create a safer, kinder environment for all rangatahi! We've got heaps of great classroom activities and to choose from. Visit our dedicated Pink Shirt Day website and find out more.

Pink Shirt Day

Pink Shirt Day Squad

Are you a senior high school rangatahi over 16 years of age wanting to make a difference and crate a kinder, safer Aotearoa that is inclusive of everyone. Join our Pink Shirt Day Squad fundraising team and lead your hoa kura by example.

Pink Shirt Day Squad

How to donate your fundraising money

Once you've held your event and collected your fundraising money, our preferred method of transfer is by bank deposit. If you've touched base with us we've probably given you a banking code and reference to use with your banked donation. This helps us to receipt you quicky and efficiently. If you don't have a donor code and reference, get in touch.

Bank: BNZ
Name of account: Mental Health Foundation
Account number: 02-0100-0752592-097
Reference: as provided
Code: as provided

If you have a question about fundraising at school, fill out this form or call 09 623 4810